The .22 -- The Mousegunner's Rifle

Many people enjoy using small pistols and revolvers, sometimes called "mouseguns." While the .22 is not the smallest caliber rifle, it is the most popular, and with good reason. Here are some links to interesting and valuable information about the world's most popular rifle.

Mouse Rifles (Really small and light)

Chipmunk Youth Rifle
US Survival .22 from Henry
Ruger Charger
Marlin Papoose

The .22 Long Rifle

Rimfire Strategy (Long and Interesting Discussion)
Lethality/Penetration of 22lr at 300 yards (shooting a turkey)
Specialty 22 Rounds
WikiPedia Article on the 22 Long Rifle Round
Ruger 10/22 Sniper Rifle (Israeli)
Sound Suppressed .22 Rifles
.22 Long Rifle Sniping in Iraq
.22 Long Rifle, the Most Popular Cartridge in the World
Buying That First .22 Rifle, Hawks
.22's for Fun And Survival
22 Rifle for Sniping
.22 Long Rifle Ammo by Chuck Hawks
The .22 Short, .22 Long, and .22 Long Rifle
.22 Long Rifle Terminal Performance Data
Recommended Rimfire Rifles, Hawks
Green Hornet 22lr Sniper Rifle
Manual for Savage Stevens 980-DL-987 .22 Rifle

.22 Magnum Rifle -- A Step Up from the Common .22lr

"What Would John Wayne Do?" (Personal Appreciation of the 22 Magnum)
Wikipedia - .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire
The .22 WMR Today (GunsMagazine 2001)
The Sleeper
22 Magnum, A Surprising Small Game Round
What's the Best 22 Mag Rifle? Discussion on Highroad
New 2200 FPS .22 Mag Rimfire from Hornady
Ruger's 10/22 Goes Magnum
Chuck Hawks Writes About the .22WMR
More From Chuck Hawks on the .22 Magnum
Compared: .17 HMR and .22 WMR
The Coyote Rifle
Getting the Most from Your 22 Magnum
Three .22 WMR Loads From Remington
22 Magnum Discussion

Put A Scope On It!

Chuck Hawks Reviews Bushnell .22 Rifle Scopes
How to Sight In Your Rifle Scope

.22 Pistol for Self Defense

Firing Line Discussion of the .22 Pistol as Best Civilian Self-Defense Gun
The NAA Mini Revolver for Self-Defense, Syd
Woman Uses Ruger .22 in Successful Self-Defense