9mm Mousegun Comparative Table

All of the following are excellent guns. But if you need some help making a decision about which 9mm Mousegun to purchase, this table may help put things in perspective. If the smallest possible size is your goal, and money is no problem, then the Rohrbaugh is best. On the other hand, if price is paramount, then the Kel-Tec P-11 or PF9 will be first choice. The Kel-Tec P-11 also packs in the most rounds per inch of height. The Glock 26 actually is not a mousegun, by my personal limit of 16 ounces, but I include it below for the value of size comparison and perspective.

P.S.: Several of these 9mm mouseguns have recently added higher capacity magazines. To the best of my knowledge, the 12 round mag of the Kel-Tec is the only one that sits flush with the bottom of the grip.

GLOCK 26 20 oz 6.3 inch 4.2 inch 1.2 inch 10+1 $520
TAURUS PT111TI 16 oz 6 1/8 inch 5 inch 1.27 inch 10+1 $400
KEL-TEC P-11 14 oz 5.6 inch 4.3 inch 1 inch 10/12+1 $260
KEL-TEC PF9 12.7 oz 5.85 inch 4.3 inch .88 inch 7+1 $314
KAHR PM9 14 oz 5.3 inch 4 inch .9 inch 6+1 $560
ROHRBAUGH 12.8 oz 5.2 inch 3.7 inch .8 inch 6+1 $900

And here is a diagram illustrating the relative lengths of the
9mm mousegun pistols in the table above: