Long Range Rifles

Well, I realize this is MOUSEGUNS.com, however, I've become fascinated with really long-range rifles. Here are a few links for those who are interested...

The WarriorTalk Sniper Rifle
Practical Long Range Rifle Shooting Part One
Practical Long Range Rifle Shooting Part Two
Practical Long Range Rifle Shooting Part Three
1000 Yard four inch group
If You Can't Afford a 50BMG, What's Available?
CheyTac Intervention .408 caliber M100 sniper rifle
Barrett Firearms M107 Long-Range Sniper Rifle
ArmaLite AR-30 .338 Lapua Magnum Rifle .338 Lapua Ballistics Info

Serbu BFG-50
LAR Grizzly Big Boar
Christensen Carbon Ranger
EDM Rifles
Halo Arms 50BMG Rifles
Safety Harbor Ultramag 50
TNW Semi-Auto M2HB
Sniper Rifles of the World (at snipercentral.com)
Practical Long Range Rifle Shooting

Calibers Good up to 400 yards

Mousegunner's .243 Savage Rifle

7mm Remington Mag
7mm Remington Ultra Mag
7mm STW
300 Win Mag
300 Wby Mag
300 Remington Ultra Mag
338 Win Mag
338 Remington Ultra Mag
375 H&H Mag
375 Remington Ultra Mag
338 Lapua Take-down Rifle


The Elk Rifle
The Elk Hunting Rifle
Long Range Shooting and Hunting