First Annual Postal Match


You must print out this entire web page, and write "I agree" on it, and sign your name. Include the signed web page along with your target.

I will post a list of the names of all participants on the website. If you prefer me to post a nom de plume instead of your real name, just let me know on your target.

I will be offering four prizes this year, all of them books: Unintended Consequences by John Ross, Molon Labe by Boston T. Party, Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken, and Boston's Gun Bible. If your target is one of the top four, you not only get a book, but you get all the glory of having your results posted on! If your target is not one of the top four, you don't get any prize at all, but your name or nom de plume will be listed on the website. (Sorry!)

If so many people decide to participate that I have excess $1.00 bills, I will put that money toward the cost of maintaining the website.

DEADLINE: The First Annual Postal Match begins IMMEDIATELY (July 12, 2006), and the deadline for receiving your target in the mail is September 1, 2006. I will post results and winners within one or two weeks after that date.

SEND YOUR TARGET AND SIGNED WEB PAGE TO: Marshall St. John, 2506 Fairmount Pike, Signal Mountain, TN 37377.

I AGREE. (Sign here please)___________________________________date:___________________