My Kel-Tec P-40/357 SIG Pistol

This is a lightly used Kel-Tec P-40 that I found in a pawn shop. I purchased an after-market 357 SIG barrel for it. The P-11 (9mm) magazines, and the P-40 (40 S and W magazines) all work with either 40SW or 357SIG caliber. I prefer the 357SIG set up, as the gun is more accurate in that caliber, and the feeding of the cartridges is more reliable. There is a bit of jamming up (failure to feed) from time to time with rounds nose-diving into the feed ramps.

Here are some photographs. First, the gun as a whole, both sides.

Here are the two barrels that go with the gun. The black barrel is chambered in 357SIG.

Here's the gun with the black 357 SIG barrel in the slide.

Here is an exploded view:

Here's the slide, recoil spring and guide rod, and the 40SW barrel:

You can see the rifling in the 40SW barrel. Both barrels are "like new."

I have a little "grip extension" that fits any of the four magazines. (I have two P-11 magazines, and two P-40 magazines). My favorite set up is the 357SIG barrel, with a P40 magazine. So far this has functioned with perfect reliability.

I bought a case for everything from CDNN. They didn't have a Kel-Tec case, so I got one for an HK45. It works just fine:

I also found a nice left-handed in-the-waist-band Bianchi holster, that I use SOB sometimes.

As I mentioned earlier, the 357 SIG set up is more reliable, and more accurate than the 40SW setup. In 357 SIG configuration, I can shoot four inch groups at 10 yards, and point of impact is close to point of aim. I usually get 1 nose-dive per magazine.