My New Smith and Wesson SW40GVE

This is my first Smith and Wesson. I believe the SW40 Sigma series is the least expensive new 40 caliber pistol. It has gotten some excellent reviews. (The original Sigma of several years back apparently had some issues, but the Sigma has been redesigned into a better gun (so I read). The newer Sigma may be easily recognized by the rail on the frame. The older Sigma had no accessory rail.) I bought it at Carter's Shooting Supplies in Chattanooga, in April 2005, for $299 new. It comes with two 14 round magazines. I believe the "G" in SW40GVE stands for nato "green." The actual color is sort of greenish brown. You can also get the gun with a black frame.

I took it shooting for the first time a few days ago (I think in May of 2005). I shot two full magazines of Federal Hydrashock self-defense ammo, with no failures to feed, etc. I realize this is not a huge number of rounds, but ammo costs money!

I shot the pistol at a 7 inch target five yards away. Here is a scan of one target, at which I shot a full magazine. The group is 3.5 inches. The trigger is a little long and hard, or I might have shot a slightly smaller group.

Conclusion: I'm well satisfied with my 40 caliber Sigma, and I believe it to be a good gun. I believe the SW40GVE to be a true bargain, price-wise. Time will tell concerning it's long-term reliability.

Update on June 28, 2005. I've taken the SW40GVE shooting a few more times, and it continues to be very reliable. The only ammo that I've had failure to feed with is Corbon Powrball (which also won't work in my Kel-Tec P11). I'm not much of a marksman, but I'm working on that. Here is a scan of a target I shot at today, and I'm pretty well satisfied. I'm shooting 3 and 1/2 inch groups at 5 yards. (I'm a civilian, and I suppose I'll never have occasion to shoot at anyone farther away than that!)