P-Sight for Kel-Tec
P-32 and P-3AT

Reviewed for Mouseguns.Com (April 2005)

The P-Sight (TM) is a drop-in rear blade sight for the Kel-Tec P-3AT and P-32 pistols, which mounts into the existing rear sight cavity.

Less than a week passed from the time I emailed Performance Shooting Enhancements til the arrival of my P-Sight in my mailbox. Here's what came in the post today!

In the little plastic bag I found the P-Sight and a tube of Loctite Black Max 380 "superglue."

Before gluing the P-Sight onto my P-3AT, I gathered up my "Gunscrubber," which is an excellent degreaser/cleaner, and some cotton "Q-tips," and some paper towels. Before gluing the P-Sight, it is necessary that the existing sight area on the slide be very clean and grease-free. I unloaded my gun, and took it apart for cleaning.

Here's a photo of the cleaned sight. If you look closely, you will see that the part of the slide around the sight is lighter in color than the rest of the slide. That's because the degreaser removed all the oil on the slide, and that area was now completely clean and grease-free. I also cleaned and de-greased the P-Sight.

I now ran into a slight problem, because when I put the non-glued P-Sight in the P-3AT sight slot, the P-Sight was just a little bit too wide, and too long. This contingency is covered in the installation guide. Following the instructions there, I used some 400 grit sandpaper to gradually downsize the P-Sight, a little bit at a time, until it was perfectly sized (you can see my sandpaper off to the left of the photo). Then I de-greased and cleaned everything again, and glued the P-Sight into my P-3AT with just enough glue to cover the bottom and sides of the sight slot. As you can see, a tiny bit ran out the crack, but I think it will clean up OK.

Here are two more views of the installed P-Sight, one from above, and the other giving a broad view of the "sight picture."

PSEnhancements.Com recommends a 5-day wait for maximum glue strength, so I'm going to wait 5 days before re-assembling my pistol, and taking it to the firing range. After I do that, I'll add some more information to this webpage, and continue this review. So far, I will just say this: installation was easy, and I'm looking forward to giving the P-Sight a try next week!

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