P-Sight for Kel-Tec
P-32 and P-3AT (Page Two)

Reviewed for Mouseguns.Com (April 2005)


Yesterday I installed the P-Sight on my P-3AT, and sat it aside for the glue to harden. PSEnhancements recommends a 5-day drying period. I intend to wait 5 days before shooting with the P-Sight. However, I just couldn't stand to be without my P-3AT in my pocket, so this morning I put the pistol back together again, and took some pictures. In this side view you can see that the P-Sight doesn't stand up very tall. I carry my P-3AT in the zippered case that Kel-Tec supplies, and there are no snags putting the weapon in and out of the case while it is in my pocket.

Here's a view of my new sight picture. I believe my accuracy is bound to improve.

And here's a close-up shot from the other side:

TIME PASSES: Finally I found a chance to go shooting (April 20, 2005)! The weather was beautiful this afternoon, and to make it even better I found a new place to shoot, out in the county, not at a range, with not a soul around.

I shot six full magazines, and had one in the chamber the first time around, for a total of 37 rounds. I shot my P3AT at a range of 5 yards from my homemade targets and "target holder." Here's the target holder at the end of my shooting day:

As you can see, I'm not a "deadeye," but at least most of my shots were somewhere towards where they ought to be! Here's my best target that I shot up (12 rounds) using the P-Sight on my P3AT:

As you can see, 8 out of 12 were in a three-inch group in the center of the target. The other four may be chalked up to my need to give a little more concentration to that long double-action trigger!

My conclusions about the P-Sight: Before using the P-Sight, I generally missed the paper at 5 yards. Using the P-Sight, I was able to shoot three inch groups. What a difference! I believe that by practicing with the P-Sight on my P3AT, I will become a better shot, and be better prepared should I ever need to call on my little pistol for real self-defense. Thank you PSEnhancements! The P-Sight is well-worth the money, and I highly recommend it!

July 2005 Update: I have been shooting my P3AT now for about three months with the P-Sight, and it shows no signs of coming loose.

January 2008 Update: Years have gone by, and my P-Sight is still firmly in place on my P3AT! It has never come loose or needed re-gluing. And it works!

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