SUB-9 Picture Gallery from Jim

Jim is a regular participant on the KTOG Forum, and he kindly emailed me these pictures of his Sub9. The SUB-9 is the Kel-Tec firearm which preceded the Sub-2000. I am going to simply post these pictures here without comment. First there are ten photos comparing the Sub9 to the Sub-2000. Then Jim shares his "adding a light" project (5 photos), and then one close up of the SUB-9 safety lever.

Adding a Light Project...

Jim says, "The light is the factory light for the SUB9. I don't know when they stopped selling it. I got it from a fellow KTOGer a year or so back. When the KT website talks about a space for batteries in the forearm this is what they are talking about. It's pretty much a MagLight type thing & has a momentary on switch. Much more practical lights are out there but this one is Factory Stock."

Safety Lever